• Michael Jones

    Hi! My name is Mike from North Wales, United Kingdom where I work as a Data & Development Analyst for the leading hearing care company in the UK. I have around 12 years of IT Experience under my belt with a focus on IT support and web technologies.

    I am currently a third of the way through my IT degree with a focus on software development (Primarily web).

    When I get spare time, I love to go out with my camera and take pictures of everything and anything, my second hobby is Brazilian Jiujitsu at which I hold the rank of blue belt.

  • Work
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    Fuji Recipe is a labour of love i am currently working on. This project once finished will allow the Fuji X Series photographers to share, store and create "Camera Recipes" free off charge. The project will also allow writers to join the Admin team and write articles on all things photography! This project is being built on the Laravel Framework with Livewire and TailwindCSS

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    Raspada-blog was initial intended to be the "Documentation hub" for a project im working on, but turned into an overall tech blog where i talk about all things from photography, Laravel Framework to Linux CMD line tips and tools. Raspada-blog is also the application where I test out new features and technologies. The Covid Stats page on my blog was my first attempt at using an API to display data on a page. This will be updated to a better API in the near future. Other technologies include but not limited to Honey Pots to help prevent spam on my sites.

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    Apache Config is something i built to make my life easier when setting up a new site on my VPS hosting. I Launched the product free for use on product hunt, and it was received fairly well. Over the next few weeks and months i will be adding more functionality to the project. You can check it out here: www.apacheconfig.live

  • Services

    IT Support

    Need help setting up some IT infrastructure in a small/medium-sized business? Please get in touch. This can range from software suggestions to network installation at your premises (Business or Home).

    Web Developer

    Web Development is my main passion in IT and I offer a range of services for clients from Building, Hosting and managing web applications for small to large business needs. The main Frameworks I work with are Laravel and Tailwind but i can support a host of others.

    Server Configurations

    My hosting is setup on Ubuntu 20.04 and is very good what i work with, however some clients may prefer a server to themselves. This is possible and i will build the servers from scratch to an industry standard specification.

  • Mike Jones

    Contact form coming soon, in the meantime check me out on Twitter @skino2020